11 Feb
Carpenter (Lyons/Boulder)
Colorado, Boulder

I am looking for a solid able bodied addition to my crew. If you are interested in building quality custom homes, primarily framing and siding with some interior trim carpentry, than this could be right for you. We strive to have a positive, productive and fun job site. You will need to bring your A-game most of the time (we all have our off days), but leave your hangover, booze, drugs (including the reefer) at home because you are a representation of us and we pride ourselves in being worth every penny that we bill for. The Bare Minimum (bags, Skilsaw, nail gun, hand tools, vehicle, license, sobriety while at work, a sense of humor, an interest in learning and your best effort). The Reward (consistent work, positive support, laughter, regular pay, and a free daily workout). Three years of experience and a vehicle are necessary!

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