06 Dec
Louisiana, Lake charles

Vacancy expired!

Job Summary;

The Silo Operator primary responsibility is to safely and timely load sand to trucks within the facility. You will be responsible for the daily loading of proppant products.

Duties and Responsibilities

Proper alignment of trucks to prevent spillage.

Properly loading of the correct railcars into the correct silo based on type of proppant.

Verify correct truck is loaded with the correct proppant based on amount requested by the pending order.

Verify trucks does not exceed weight capacity (80K) total unless overweight permit for the load has been verified.

Input all data entry for all inbound orders

Must adhere to PPE (Personal Property Equipment) requirements.

Index rail cars for offloading and operate switchman to index cars

Responsible for greasing of key bearings

Inspection of conveying equipment gear

Trouble shooting silo kiosk equipment

Training on silo software

Request switches and empty pulls

Any other duties as assigned by the Lead Silo Operator.

Key Requirements

Must be able to work outdoors in all environments and take direction to perform individual tasks that contribute to the team's success.

Must be able to cope with outdoor temperatures (hot and cold temperatures).

You must be open to working weekends, and overtime work is very possible.

You must be able to read, write, and comprehend English.

Microsoft Office experience required.

Excellent oral and written communication skills necessary.

Basic math skills are essential.

Must be safety focused.

TO APPLY: http://twineagle.hirecentric.com

Vacancy expired!

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