S BB Marketing - Sell our services to e-commerce sellers (From your location by phone and email to any US location) : 2019-01-09

B2B Marketing - Sell our services to e-commerce sellers (From your location by phone and email to any U.S. location.)

Minnesota, Minneapolis / st paul Minneapolis / st paul USA

Vacancy expired!

This is a very simple service to sell and pays a commission for the life of the engagement, with little if any extra work. We do a high volume of internet sales in foreign countries and need to establish volume-based rebate programs with American web sellers. So your job would be to open a discussion with the manager(s) at the USA dotcoms, and pitch this program to the correct people.

Not every product and not every US web seller would be practical for entry into this program. We would cover those details later on. However, the very good news is that there are no technical changes or upgrades required in order to proceed. We buy products here, on the seller's existing (English) web site, we pay here and the items are delivered as normally, to the USA address we provide. Its basically a volume rebate program, extremely simplified and where the new business is coming from foreign consumers. The sellers have no startup expenses and no risk, also, no delay.

You would need to locate the right parties from the various eCommerce seller's management. First, you would have to identify the potential eCommerce sellers (we work together with you). The program is so simple that its hard to imagine why anyone would reject it. One more really good thing: There are no returns. So the commissions (rebates) we receive also compensates us for a small number of defects, breakages, customer dissatisfaction, etc (Web sellers like to hear that too),

You get paid 6 percent to 12 percent of what we receive for quarterly rebates and this depends usually on the percent we can negotiate as a rebate. You would receive these commissions for as long as the account is active. If there are any expenses we pay them. You would only need to call the active customers, out of courtesy, once a month and would not be required to travel but if a large customer developed and you agreed to travel, we would pay for the travel.

You can work from your house or theoretically from your car or even from a train car, full time or part time. You can solicit business from anywhere in the USA. You can live in Maine and sell a client in Palm Springs.

Generally, sales people have resumes, which it would be helpful to see but a formal resume is not required at this time.

Questions are welcomed. Please use email relay. Thanks.

Experience selling business-to-business would be very helpful.

We can pay you monthly, even if we are being paid quarterly.

Vacancy expired!

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ID #1628484
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis / st paul
Source Minnesota
Showed 2019-01-09
Date 2019-01-09
Deadline 2019-03-10
Category Sales