Remote/On-site Interpreters 4 All Languages & ASL Neeeded!

Nebraska, Scottsbluff / panhandle, 69361 Scottsbluff / panhandle USA
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Preferred agency by Interpreters in need of Interpreters in all Languages for Denver, NOCO, Boulder/Broomfield, Jefferson, Denver, Adams and Douglas Counties:

We are looking for: ASL, Spanish and Languages Other Than Spanish/"LOTS": Amharic, Arabic, Russian, Tigrynia, Portuguese, Persian, Mandarin, Navajo, Cantonese, Marshalesse, Vietnamese, Rohynga, Korean, Chukka, Urdu, Somali, Telugu, Hindi, Moroccan, Farsi, Burmese, Cambodian, Tagalog, Oromo, Karen, Karenini, Bengali, Punjabi and several other Asian, African and European languages.

We offer training if you don't have one of the certificates being asked for to Interpret as a professional and to prepare you to take the Certified Medical Interpreter exam if you are so inclined. It is required if you want to serve the Workers' Compensation patients/clients by January 1, 2022. 1 World is the ONLY company that has made it so safe and easy to get this certificate. We are offering it Online: 100%.

1 World is the ONLY company that has made it so safe and easy to get this certificate. We are offering it Online: 100%. Next class starts: January 4: Monday and Wednesday evenings: 6-10p and Fridays all day: 9-5:30 by special request. Ends January 29.

Register by November 30 to get our best early bird price of only $660! Only $200 to save your seat.

We are the only company who also offers a payment plan. Call now to assure your seat and the lowest price.

Enjoy the hands on- experiential learning integrated course by a licensed, local, super instructor with the most respected and requested program. Ms. Weaver is an RN, with 30+ years in medicine, interpreting and has faced so many of the challenges the program thoroughly reviews. the class is exceptional, priced hundreds less than others offer. The 40 hr course: $540. The 64 hr course: $660 for 2020 or early bird special for 2021.

Take advantage of our courses scheduled now since we are only allowed to teach online until March, 2021.

Payment plans are very reasonable for the class: and it's only $200 to register

Work is guaranteed and immediately available An essential industry: remote work or on-site.

Questions for you:

1. Want to work for a company that shows compassion and care towards you?

2. NO paperwork :') Really! Our linguists use our smart phone mobile app at no charge!

3. Would you like to augment VIDEO and PHONE interpreting into your lifestyle and the hours you have free: either during the week, after-hours and weekends? We are expanding our OPI/VRI services to 6 other states in 2020-2021 and so can offer this to you as a valid livelihood booster.

4. To qualify: you need to be an experienced consecutive interpreter and earn or hold a certificate for medical interpreting. We can help you with getting the certificate if you don't yet have one. We have the best instructor and kindest terms and price to complete the course if interested: Bridging the Gap: by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program.

5. Work in the top facilities, hospitals, clinics, schools, county human services, legal settings along the Front Range, with the support of a respected and respectful company behind you. Enjoy being able to choose your assignments: decline or accept as fits your interest, skills and schedule from a variety of settings. We offer work 24/7/365. Extra pay for after-hours work. We staff the UCHealth hospitals and clinics in Northern Colorado, Boulder, Broomfield, Douglas, Denver, Adams and Jefferson Counties and the Aurora campus. Plus many other customers.

6. Bridging The Gap training is preferred. We accept TCI with experience as well. Bring your certificate or take a class with us or another qualified training center. We are selective; do background checks and insist on reliability and professionalism. We don't take just anyone, and we can offer you opportunities to be mentored and learn from our more experienced Linguists if you are committed to this lucrative and exciting career. It is essential you have or get a 40 or 64 hour certificate, however. National CMI/Certified Medical Certificate preferred, but not required. Legal Qualified and Court Certified Linguists are also needed. Translator/Interpreter combinations also in demand.

6. We are awaiting award of more well and timely paying government contracts to our already rich portfolio of government contract work. In business 17+ years.

We are a great company to work for-no paperwork-all billing/invoicing is via a smart phone application! Our system will also create your invoice for you! No more lost time you could be spending with friends or family!

Competitive pay: $28-42/hour for medical interpreting; depends on the language (supply and demand dynamics), level of expertise, certifications, experience, education and location. Translation is by the word. Professionals only. 18 y/o minimum age. Older folks warmly welcome Regardless of age: excellent memory skills are important.

We pay more for qualified and certified Legal Interpreters. Bonus pay for some behavioral health locations.

Fluency in both languages at 92-95% and higher. We service many industries, including: Medical, Schools, HR, Police, Counties, Legal, Title companies, and more.

We look for: maturity in all ages, integrity and professionalism as musts. Car and smart phone required. Mileage pay available, not always guaranteed with every contract.

Work as an Independent contractor-be your own boss-choose your jobs, hours! If unfamiliar with this option; we can help guide you through this. Statewide agency. We are contracted with agencies who serve rural and urban areas. Our philosophy is of respect and honor toward Interpreters. We've garnered awards for our outstanding quality and customer service.

We are here for you. If you are bilingual and bi-cultural, care about ppl, are honest, have a good, honest work ethic and care about ethics and our industry: we are a good fit as partners. We don't look at you as solely an Independent Contractor we look at you as a representative of our highest standards, hopes and dreams. The owner is a Nurse, a caring person, and protective of the high standards our company is known for. The Team around her embraces this philosophy.

So: we commit you: the face/product of our company, to our Customer (who pays the bill), to our Client (Limited English Proficient person who is dependent on your integrity for critical communication) to perform as a serious professional at all times. This is for you to consider. We can't afford anything less: reputation is everything.

We don't hire people from out of state for on-site interpreting- please contact us when you arrive.

Translators: aka document specialists: the education/experience bar is higher for you.

We also need quality translators, editors, proofreaders, desktop publishers and project managers for all languages at reasonable rates so we can sustain regular work with quality clients, year round: a win-win.

Please send your resume and copy of your Professional certificate: BTG, TCI, or National Certificates/Degrees.


We offer very easy payment plans and easy scheduling for the course, once you make a credit card/cash deposit. We offer classes around weekends as much as possible and leave Sundays free. Taught in North Denver, or South Denver/DTC area and on the Western Slope in the future. We are only allowed to teach online until March 2021!

Possible stipend/partial scholarship course assistance if you speak one of the hard-to find languages and are able to work for our parent company! Just ask?!

If you have taken language proficiency test and have the results, please access these.

Depending on where you obtained your education and to what degree, you may need to take a language proficiency test. We will glady assist you with this part of the eligibility criteria!


BTG/Bridging The Gap 40 Hour: $540

Payment plan option: only $200 to start!

Next February 2021: 40 hr BTG Course:Starting February 15.

March 2021:The 64 hr course will if demand drives this. First 2 weeks.

Online with optional onsite time with extreme social distancing and strict Covid precautions.

Includes book and a signed certificate with soft frame. Hot plated Lunch each day: with salad and dessert

Scholarships possible for Interpreters available to work for languages in need.

North and South Denver hotel location with room discounts to stay overnight, if needed.

BTG/64hour Course: This 8 day course includes Behavioral Health Interpreting and sections on Cultural Competency, Ethics, more. It is the best Practices Gold Standard in Medical Interpreting. A great prep for the national medical interpreter exam that will be required January 1. 2022.

January: 2 evenings on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6-10pm and all day Fridays: 9-5:30:

Dates below

A: January: 64 hr: 4, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25 27 and 29.

B: The March 64 Hour course: same M/W/Friday schedule starting the 8th of March and ending the 3rd of April .

C: February we will teach a 40 hour BTG course Starting February 15 on M/W Evening s and Friday days.

The 64 hr 8 day, extended course: highly recommended Serves as the perfect review course to enable linguists to pass the national Exam now required by the State of Colorado DOWC to get reimbursed to attend to the largest population of LEP clients services are ordered for in CO: the Injured Worker for Workers' Compensation claims.

Includes a 464 page book, a mental health oriented glossary, signed certificate with soft frame.

Scholarships possible for Interpreters available to work for languages in need. Must apply and get approval.

North Denver hotel location in Thornton with room discounts to stay overnight, if needed.

We look forward to hearing from you!


1/One World Translation

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ID #5982859
State Nebraska
City Scottsbluff / panhandle
Job type Contract
Salary USD $28-$42/hr Medical/School Int. Depends on language supply/demand logistics, education, experience plus mileage for some contracts 28-42/hr Medical/School Int. Depends on language supply/demand logistics education experience plus mileage for some contracts
Source Nebraska
Showed 2020-11-21
Date 2020-11-20
Deadline 2021-01-19
Category Customer service
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