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ID #50572205
State New York
City Albany
Job type Employee's choice
Salary USD 100% commission only 100% commission only
Source New York
Showed 2023-11-21
Date 2023-11-21
Deadline 2024-01-20
Category Real estate
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REAL ESTATE AGENTS WANTED! Why is everyone going to eXp?

New York, Albany, 12201 Albany USA
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Join the Amazon of Real Estate! We aren't just looking for agents we are looking for business partners!

Full time team member position for the real estate agent that wants to make $100,000.00 or more per year working on team with ALL Leads provided. This is NOT a team like you may be familiar with. This is a global team with other agents that want to see you succeed! We prefer full time agents but if you're part time due to other circumstances that's fine to! If you don’t have a real estate license yet but have sold anything on commission we want to talk to you.

LEADS! This is a sales job and you're going to need leads! We have thousands of leads you can sit down and start working! We'll teach you how to get your own leads. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a life time! We will share with you our free report 20+ free lead generation sites you can sign up for right away.

TRAINING! We have FREE online training to get you where you need to be quick. Over 40 hours per week. Take a look at the attached pictures.

TOOLS! We provide our agents their own version of our website, a fully functional mobile website. A customized listing presentation, buyer consultation, KvCore CRM system along with training on to turn it into a lead generation machine, our Buyers Advantage Program and our Certified Pre-Owned Home program, SkySlope transaction management, digisign document signing. Membership in an exclusive Facebook group with some of the countries best agents. PLUS access to an award winning social media lead generation system! eXp also offers Express Offers our iBuyer platform for quick sales, access to Curbio (interest deferred loans to get listings ready to sell), Making it Rain lead generation, eXp 360 tours and floor plans, Success coaching and mentorship, eXp Relocation, eXp REO and eXp Military, 1st Responders and employee benefits. Listing tools Performance guarantee, Easy exit, Smart Seller, Communication Guarantee and a marketing guarantee.

PLUS you'll be a part of a YouTube mastery team where we will teach you how to generate leads from YouTube. You've never seen anything like this before! Guaranteed!

PLUS you’ll be a member of just for joining our eXp worldwide team!

OFFICE? We are a virtual company and everyone works in the worlds biggest office in the meta verse aka the cloud. We do have brick and mortar offices but most agents at any company rarely if ever go into their office. You'll also have a FREE membership to use Regus shared office spaces all across the country. Regus is coming to Colonie!

SPLITS? Aggressive commission splits starting at 80%/20%. Once you cap at $16k paid to company the balance of your year you're up to 100%. The cap is a WORLDWIDE cap, meaning if you sell houses in 2 locations both contribute to 1 cap. Our company is now in over 24 different countries with more coming soon. If you're a married couple both people contribute to the same cap!

ICON AGENT STATUS Agents can achieve ICON status by meeting or exceeding the Program’s Production Requirements during their Capping Period. Once involved in the ICON Program, there are additional opportunities for ICONs to earn more awards by “giving back” time, talents and knowledge to eXp’s agent population and also by attending specific eXp-approved events. When an agent achieves ICON status, that agent can earn up to $16,000 (USD) worth of eXp World Holdings common stock, which is made up of an $8,000 Production Award, a $4,000 Cultural Commitment Award and a $2,000 Event Attendance Award for each approved event Any agent that has paid the full Company Dollar Cap and has met the additional requirement(s) will achieve ICON status in the month following the qualifying Settled Transaction. All Transactions must be completely settled and properly documented in Skyslope.

REVENUE SHARE program (revenue is what comes in the front door, profit is what's left over after all the bills are paid).

The video below by Gene Frederick explains this in detail.

STOCK options (EXPI) for multiple streams of income. You can receive stock as rewards and you can purchase it at a discount when you sell properties.

HEALTH INSURANCE is also available. Our ICON agent program gives agents that cap and then sell 20 more properties and meet other requirements $16,000 back in company stock! How much are you paying your current broker?

ARE YOU A NEW AGENT? Or you have your license but aren't doing much business? When you join my group I'll provide you a list of over 20 sites that you can sign up for (they are all FREE) to receive leads. You will have to pay them a referral fee, but it's business to get you started. To start the process of getting your license go here for more info. To register for a real estate school online I recommend and use the Promo Code NYC10 for 10% off.

Contact Bob by responding to this ad or at 518-588-3606 via text with your questions. To RSVP for a 1 on 1 meeting (in person or Zoom) go to

You can get a birds-eye view of our company at

Here's a video from Gene Frederick who talks about Realtor Retirement program

Mega agent Jay Kinder explains why teams and independent brokerages are moving to eXp

Over 90,000 agents worldwide in 24+ countries with more coming soon Who’s next?

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