Moon Meadow FarmHouse Supervisor (South Eugene)

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Vacancy expired!

This is a farm within walking distance of Lane Community College where we live in community with developmentally disabled adults. Available is a private room and nearly private bath in exchange for working some evening and morning hours (the 'bed & breakfast' shift) with the DD residents 5 days per week.

(The private bath is sometimes used as the guest bathroom by separate entrance.)

Time off: The House Supervisor is free of duty hours on 2 consecutive days per week currently Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon and we may be able to change days to suit your needs. The Supervisor is also free of duty from 11A to 7P every work day.

Stipend & opportunity for more paid time: In exchange for the bed & breakfast shift, the Supervisor earns living accommodations here on the farm and a stipend of $900/month. If you want to earn more there is often opportunity to do so by taking a resident shopping or out to the park or to the dentist and so on. The extra hours are paid at $14/hour.

Potential for advancement: The Supervisor may, after 60 days and if able to meet the State requirements for working as a Resident Manager, then assume the duties of Resident Manager and the hours stay much the same but the stipend increases to $1600/month.

Experience useful to students: LCC has previously given academic credit to students for working with our residents. It is particularly good for students who are studying nursing, dental assisting, and social work.

Good way to supplement social security: We value living experience. Have you lived 60 years or more? This can be a good fit for a capable person who is receiving social security.

This home is geared toward serving the needs of our older residents, 2 women and 1 man and it is pretty busy during the day. The household moves at an intermittent bustle from 7:30AM until 7:30PM every day. There is a small team of Care Staff who come to the house and work with the residents from 9A to 7:30P. Community Access people sometimes come & go taking folks to town for appointments, shopping, and fun. Case managers may stop in to see how things are going for the residents or hold a meeting at the house. By 7PM the house is more quiet and residents are ready for bed. The House Supervisor meets for a half hour, 7-7:30PM, with the last of the care staff for a briefing regarding that day. The Supervisor then gives the residents their bedtime medications. One resident usually hits the sack very early and the other two often stay up to watch some TV or listen to music. They are typically all in bed well before 10PM.

During the evening part of the bed & breakfast shift the Supervisor 1) Confers with Care Staff , 2) Administers bedtime medications, 3) Spends some leisure time with residents until they go to bed, and 4) does some cleaning and cooking. It is not necessary to stay up during the night. Sleep hours are 11PM to 7AM.

In the morning part of the bed & breakfast shift the Supervisor 1) Helps with the morning routine for the male resident who is more capable overall than the other two and who rises around 7:30A while the others are still sleeping. 2) Gives that resident coffee and breakfast and morning medications. 3) Does some kitchen prep for the evening meal. 4) Takes out the trash and does some dishes, dusting, sweeping, laundry. 5) Supports the arriving Care Staff from 9-11A.

How the days off are arranged: There is an extra bedroom/bathroom in the house. The Relief Staff person comes for a stay in that room for 48 hours each week to relieve the House Supervisor. It is fine for the House Supervisor to stay at the house during off duty times or to be absent from the house during off duty times.


-The ability to enjoy our residents and help them feel good about themselves.

-The ability to interact well with families and other staff people involved in their care.

-ODL with good driving record.

-Clear background check through Lane County Development Disabilities Services.

-Certificate for having passed the I/DD Adult Foster Care test.

-Good personal references.

If this position appeals to you but you have not already been cleared to work with Lane County I/DD clients, we can give you the information you need to accomplish that. If you are already cleared by Lane County DDS and are on the Long Term Care Registry, then we will be able to start you right away.

Vacancy expired!

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Showed 2020-01-14
Date 2020-01-11
Deadline 2020-03-11
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