Become a Business Loan Agent - Start making $20+ monthly (No License Required - NO Experience Required - We will train)

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Business Loan Services

Want to be your own boss?

Want to start making an EXCELLENT income part time or full time.

Now you can,business in a box all ready to go.


NO LICENSE REQUIRED - NO EXPERIENCE - But must have the WILL AND DRIVE to work hard and want to be successful!

You can be a business owner in minutes - Turnkey Business ready to go for you.

Start offering businesses, capital for their business.

Every day businesses are seeking capital, become a business loan agent for KCK CAPITAL and start making an excellent income by advertising to businesses that you offer business loans.

We pay HIGH commissions on all closed loans. We will do all the work to close the loan for you and you will make 5% of the loan amount.

This means you bring us a client, we do all the work and close the loan and you get 5% of the loan amount.

EXAMPLE: We close a loan for one of your clients for $100.000, you get $5000.00 and in the future when this client RENEWS their loan, you get paid again.

What loan program do we offer:

We offer up to $2 Million within 72 hours to businesses BASED only on the business monthly revenues and NOT entirely on their credit scores.

So we based the qualifications on our loans on the performance of the business and not their credit score.

So if a business does $100.000 per month in sales, we may lend them up to $200.000, just based on their monthly sales.

Our application process is simple and we can close on a loan on the same day or within 72 hours.

As you can see our loan product is simple and popular.


What you get from us when you sign up as a KCK CAPITAL INDEPENDENT LOAN AGENT.

1. A Free professional Website

2. Free Training

3. Access to our Facebook Group where all our Agents exchanges ideas and learn from each other. The owner of KCK Capital is often LIVE, giving training and tips on how to advertise and get clients.

What you have to do as a KCK CAPITAL INDEPENDENT AGENT:

1. Advertise your website driving business owners to fill out a PRE QUALIFICATION FORM.

2. Pass out your business cards to businesses and everyone else, letting them know that you offer capital to businesses.

3. Bring us other people that wants to become Agents, YES, you make 1% on all new agents that you bring to us.

4. Visit businesses and pass out your business cards.

5. Cold Call businesses and ask them if they need capital to grow their business or get out of a PINCH.

6. Advertise on Facebook, instagram etc.

7. Advertise, advertise, advertise.

You advertise get us a business that needs a loan, we do the work and you get paid.

How to become and independent agent:

1. Go to

2. Stroll completely to the bottom of website and find AGENT REGISTRATION


NOTE: Its better to fill this form on a computer pr laptop and not on a cellphone

Please DO NOT submit the W9 form as requested by the form. We will get this form from you later.

In the application, it ask for an AGENT NAME and AGENT NUMBER that referred you to KCK Capital, Please enter NONE in both fields.

What happens after you register as an agent:

1. You will get a Welcome email with your OWN website and invitation to join our facebook group.

2. You are required to go to our website at, stroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see agent resource center. Please STUDY everything in the Agent Resource Center.

What is the first steps after I register as an agent?

1. Make sure you have your website

2. Request to join our Facebook Group

3. Study everything we have in the Agent Resource Center

4. Start reading every post on our Facebook Group Page , and say hello, letting everyone know that you are new.

5. Order some business cards

6. Start advertising on Social Media, by posting your unique website link.

7. Advertise - Advertise - Advertise

Join us today and fuel Americas businesses and change your life while doing it.

You can work full time or part time.

The more effort you put into your business, the more successful you will be.

You can earn an amazing income.

Hope to see you soon.

FREE To join.


Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Tel: 561 388 2930

Tel 561 316 2174

Vacancy expired!

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