08 Nov
TOO MANY LEADS. NOT ENOUGH AGENTS. MAKE $104,000 working 25 hours/week
Virginia, Richmond

Vacancy expired!

We are looking for hardcore CLOSERS. We have a serious amount of people that have requested our services (100% NO COLD CALLING), and just need local help, to go and closeout the deal.

Our agents that work about 25 hours a week, conservatively net around $104,000.

Simply said:

We teach people to make six figures by working part time, selling mortgage protection. This product is a form of life insurance that will pay off a new homeowners loan, in the case of death, illness, or disability (you must hold a license or be willing to get one. Normally takes 1 week to complete).

How we do it:

Call and set appointments on the leads 6-8 hours a week. Set up 12-15 appointments. Do 10 presentations (you'll get 2-5 reschedules per week). Close 5 deals (average person has 50% closing ratio).

How the Money works:

You make an average of $500 per sale. 5 sales will equal $2,500 per week. You would be a 1099 worker, so we will teach you to manage your money, as well. After expenses(gas for your car and leads, etc.), you should net at least 80-90% of whatever you make (conservatively $2,000 per week which equals $104,000 per year net).

Yes, being self employed you'll have to smart with budgeting, and we don't apologize for that. Our leads are extremely effective and valuable, but we teach you to run a REAL BUSINESS. We aren't looking for the 9-5'ers that want to make 30-40k per year, and have everything spoon-fed to them. We want the aggressive closers, that have been dreaming of a very SIMPLE way to generate 100k+, closing deals a few days per week.

How the Leads work:

You are calling real people that have filled out a form, requesting insurance. THEY KNOW that they are filling out a request to BUY INSURANCE. Attached to this ad, is EXACTLY what we mail out every single week to new homeowners. Also, the attached picture of the state, shows you just how many LEFTOVER clients we have for the week, that filled out a form asking for coverage, and they have never received a call from us, simply because WE NEED MORE AGENTS.

Six Figure Sales Schedule:

We teach people to take 2, four-hour sessions of setting appointments (from home). And 2 full days of running appointments (in the client's home). You choose which county or counties you desire to work. That's it.

Don't have 25 hours a week to work?:

We'll look at what time you have available, and give you a realistic amount that you could make, if you hustle.

Am I capped out at 100k?

Definitely not. We teach people that you could make much more then that, but the smartest way to do it, is to hire and train others in the other 2 days you have availability in the week. Insurance companies pay MAJOR BONUSES to managers. And you don't have to stop selling while you do it. The average managers in our business makes $200,000+. The top managers make over $1,000,000 every year.


If you read the entire ad, and are definitely interested, please send your resume and/or book your phone interview by clicking the link below. Put "CLOSER" in the subject line or remarks section, and one of the hiring managers will call you.

Vacancy expired!

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