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OB Registered Nurse Job Description

We are a growing company accepting applications for skilled RN's specializing in OB. You will provide outstanding patient care and physical support for patients and residents on a daily basis. This role requires you to be registered specified in the job details. Review the below responsibilities and requirements for this role.


For employment: report to Director of Human Resources or designee via email

For Nursing matters report to C.E.O. or designee via email

For payroll matters report to: Chief Financial Officer via email


As a registered nurse, you will be the person most patients deal with on a daily basis. Your responsibilities will consist of, but are not limited to, following:

  • Observing and recording patient behavior
  • Performing health assessment and review diagnostic tests, reporting results as instructed by Provider
  • Collecting patient health histories
  • Counseling patients and their families
  • Educating patients about treatment plans
  • Administering medications, wound care, and other treatment options
  • Interpreting patient information and making decisions about necessary actions, where appropriate
  • Consulting with nurse supervisors and physicians to determine best treatment plans for patients
  • Directing and supervising the care of other healthcare professionals, including licensed practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, and nurse aides
  • Conducting research to improve patient outcomes and healthcare processes
  • Other duties as assigned within scope of practice
  • Assist with routine checkups
  • Administer or offer advice on birth control
  • Administer vaccines, such as the HPV vaccine
  • Assist with blood, urine, or other samples
  • Assist with pelvic exams or pap smears
  • Assist with the entire labor and delivery process
  • Assist new mothers with breastfeeding


Registered nurses must hold the following qualifications:

  • Nursing diploma from an accredited and approved nursing program
  • 2+ years OB experience


Expected skills consists of the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Strong oral and written communication

Vacancy expired!

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